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This Track Program is in great need of a Pole Vault Pit replacement. The condition of their current pit is unsafe and is in need of repair. The cost to replace the pole vault pit is $26,000. We are asking for either a $2500 sponsorship to help the BCN cover the cost of the replacement and freight, or a $26,000 corporate qualified sponsorship in full. The BCN will offer this sponsor our CORPORATE ELITE SPONSOR PACKAGE ($10,000 Value) in return for their full sponsorship donation, at no additional cost. The $2500 Sponsor will receive the Small Business Sponsorship Package.

The CORPORATE ELITE SPONSOR PACKAGE ($26,000 Value) includes:

  • 12 Organic BCN Social Media posts
  • Logo and Hyperlink on Team Website
  • Popup Banner on Field
  • 2 Game Shout Outs
  • Corporate Digital Game Day Package
    • Reel and/or commercial for livestream during game
Pole Vault Pit Package

$2500 SB Sponsor, $26000 Full Elite Sponsor


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