The Maricopa High School, in Maricopa AZ is in great need of gym and it equipment renovations. The condition of the equipment is unsafe and is in need of replacement. We are looking for individual donations or… asking local companies to help with this project by purchasing individual sponsorships to corporate qualified sponsorships to help the BCN cover the cost of the renovation.

$250 Donation ($250.00)

$500 Solo Sponsorship ($500.00)

$1000 Solo Elite ($1,000.00)

$2500 SB Sponsorship ($2,500.00)

$5000 Corporate Sponsorship ($5,000.00)

$10000 Corporate Elite Sponsorship ($10,000.00)

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The Maricopa High School Sports Program is in great need of a gym and equipment renovation. The condition of the gym is unsafe and is in need of repair. The equipment they lift with is in worse shape.  The State budgets have been cut and so we are releasing the hounds. The cost to update and renovate the gym and replace equipment is going to be over $80,000. We are asking for help from the  Maricopa business community to help us fulfill this wish list item. We are looking for individual donations or…multiple sponsorship bundle participants to help us hit that goal.  The BCN will offer their Sponsors their SPONSOR PACKAGES equal to the value they offer,  in return for their qualified sponsorship donation, at no additional cost.

Visit our website to see the breakdown of the marketing bundles and campaigns, and what each one entails.

Gym Renovation

$250 Donation, $500 Solo Sponsorship, $1000 Solo Elite, $2500 SB Sponsorship, $5000 Corporate Sponsorship, $10000 Corporate Elite Sponsorship


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