Marana High School – Girl’s Wrestling Singlets


Project outline:

  • Purchase 10 female designed wrestling singlets.
  • We expect them to run at a cost of $89 per singlet, total $890.
  • Asking for $1000 sponsor to cost, shipping and other expenses.
  • Project funding end date November 30th 2023

Sponsor amount goal:  $1000

The Booster Club Network is prepared to offer their Corporate Sponsor Packages,  in return for your paid Sponsorship to the associated 501(c)(3). ($5000 Value)

$250 Donation ($250.00)

$500 Solo Sponsorship ($500.00)

$1000 SMB Sponsorship ($1,000.00)

$2500 SMB Elite Sponsorship ($2,500.00)

$8750 Corporate Sponsorship ($8,750.00)

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The Town of Marana is a great town with great people.  Their High School supports thousands of amazing kids and supports dozens of winning sports program.  However their programs are critically underfunded…and as a result, their programs are forced to play in outdated and unsafe equipment.  The BCN is out help change that, and we need the Marana and Tucson business community to help.

The Marana Tigers are one of the few schools in the state that has a full Girls’ Wrestling team.  These 10 girls are amazing and are eager to help encourage female participation in this growing sport.  Unfortunately, due to budget constraints, they have not been outfitted with the necessary items they need to have a quality and successful season.

We want to start off by helping to purchase 10 new Female built wrestling singlets.  We expect them to run at a cost of $89 per set, total $890. We would also like to donate towards their program for other needs.  We are asking for either a sponsorship in full or a donation to go towards the total project cost.

Project Sponsor Goal total:  $1000

The Booster Club Network is prepared to offer their Corporate Sponsor Package, as part your paid Sponsorship to our 501(c)(3). (value $5000)

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$250 Donation, $500 Solo Sponsorship, $1000 SMB Sponsorship, $2500 SMB Elite Sponsorship, $8750 Corporate Sponsorship


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