Concession Stand and Storage Container

We need a place to sell concessions and to store our equipment.  Our team is looking for a sponsor that will help us buy a revolutionary Combination Concession Stand and Storage container for our program. We will showcase our sponsor on the door of the container along with a corresponding BCN acknowledgement offer.

$500 Solo ($500.00)

$1000 SMB Sponsorship ($1,000.00)

$2500 SMB Elite Sponsor ($2,500.00)

$5000 Corporate Sponsor ($5,000.00)

$10000 Corporate Elite Sponsor ($10,000.00)

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Our program would love to help support our school, and make our game time experience fun.  We don’t currently have a facility to run our concessions from.  We also need storage space for our team equipment.  We have found a company that can provide both of those options in one, built out of storage containers.

We are looking for help in purchasing one of these containers for our school.  The average cost of a project like this is around $30,000.

However, we will take what ever sponsor amount we can get to go towards the project goal.

The Booster Club Network is prepared to offer their associated Sponsor Packages, to your company for your Sponsorship of this project and of their 501(c)(3).  Please email for more information.

Concession and Storage

$500 Solo, $1000 SMB Sponsorship, $2500 SMB Elite Sponsor, $5000 Corporate Sponsor, $10000 Corporate Elite Sponsor


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