24 Dozen Team Branded Golf Balls


Sponsor your local school golf team with logo-branded golf balls and get a free Small Business Marketing Bundle worth $2500 from the Booster Club Network. Your donation is a qualified sponsorship with potential tax benefits (consult with your tax advisor).


Support your local school golf team, by helping them acquire their team logo branded match golf balls.  They would love to share space with their valuable sponsor, and so have offered to place their sponsor’s logo on the golf ball and use them during tournament play.  The Booster Club Network has offered to reward the sponsor of the Golf Ball purchase with their Small Business Marketing Bundle, of equal value ($2500) for free.  This means that not only would this sponsorship be going to a great cause, its donated to a state recognized 501(c)3 so your donation is considered a qualified Sponsorship and can have some amazing tax benefits (consult with your tax advisor).  Along with that, your Small Business Marketing Bundle will include:

  • 2 Organic BCN Social Media posts, all over the State of AZ
  • Logo on the ball and Hyperlink on Team Website
  • Banner on Course
  • 2 Pre-Match Shout Outs

How cool is that?

Branded Golf Balls 24 Dozen

24 Dozen $2500 Sponsorship


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