Golf Pull Cart


Sponsor local High school golf team with a Golf Pull Cart  and get a free Small Family Marketing Bundle worth $500 from the Booster Club Network. Your donation is a qualified sponsorship with potential tax benefits (consult with your tax advisor).


Support your local school golf team, by helping them acquire a Golf Pull Carts to be used during practice and tournament play.  The Booster Club Network has offered to reward the sponsor of the a Golf Pull Cart sponsorship with their Small Family Marketing Bundle, a value of ($500) for free.  This means that not only would this sponsorship be going to a great cause, its donated to a state recognized 501(c)3 so your donation is considered a qualified Sponsorship and can have some amazing tax benefits (consult with your tax advisor).  Along with that, your Small Business Marketing Bundle will include:

  • 1 Organic BCN Social Media post, all over the State of AZ
  • Logo and Hyperlink on Team Website
  • Mention on Banner on Course
  • 1 Pre-Match Shout Out
Golf Pull Cart

$325 Golf Pull Cart Sponsorship


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