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New Sponsorship Options for 2023 Tailor your sponsorships to fit your company needs.

On average, it requires a budget of over $75,000 each year to run one of the State’s most successful and largest HS wrestling programs.  The Marana HS Wrestling Boosters and their parents have had to carry a large majority of that load.  So we have put together Sponsorship Tiers to fit all size businesses and budgets to help reduce some of that stress.

  From Banners to full Professional Digital Social Media Campaign packages, we offer sponsorship options that will give you the access to our huge network of loyal fans, which can help you to build your Brand Recognition and Brand Loyalty

What are our Available Channels?

2023 Marana Wrestling Sponsorship Packages

Social Media Campaigns to hundreds of thousands of followers
Website Acknowledgment and Link to Website
Professionally Filmed and produced video for Ads and Reels

Some Examples of Corporate Recognition

Due to their popularity, we have had to limit the number of sponsors for each level. Register now to save your spot.

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