1.M people attend arizona high school games on a friday night

digital game day package

get your brand in front of thousands

High Quality

Full High Quality Professionally Filmed and Produced Video

Multi Channel

Leverage both digital scoreboard and livestream technology and channels to reach your target market

If this sounds interesting to you, but aren’t ready to pull the trigger…reach out to us, and we connect with your group to game plan. 

be ready to be seen

Next-Level brand regonition

Social Media Posts

Let us build posts that will get people talking, sharing, and returning to you your network

Professional Reels and videos

It always much easier to rely on someone who knows what they are doing

Booster Club Network reach

Our Network of over 100 booster clubs throughout the state are dedicated to help spread the word

Bigger reach than AZ NFL Teams

With 1.5M people attending High School Football Games on a Friday night in AZ, no NFK team has ever had that size of attendance at any game...ever.

brand recognition and loyalty

High School Fans are the most brand loyal people you will ever meet...especially if you can help lower their sports fees.

livestream Sponsor bundles

Now you can sponsor a halftime show or timeout, without having to donate a kidney or mortgage your home.

Showcase your company on our

HUdl Livestream

Our partnership with Hudl allows for us to reach much farther than the field.  Our ad and event sponsors will get the coverage and reach you would have to pay 10’s of thousands for…for much less.

Let us help you fit you with the best option for your business

Expanding your reach

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